To know your Akashic records helps you to:

  • Find answers to any question you may have about your life.
  • Obtain information about your soul, your relationships, your past, your purpose.
  • Connect with the essence of who you are.

What are the Akashic records?

Imagine a non-physical space, in the ether, where all information about what exists is registered as energy. And imagine that we can have access to this information, which takes a specific shape as we start having our specific questions. Maybe it helps to picture it as an enormous library, only without physical books. This space is called Akasha. Now imagine that in this huge energetic library you can find a book that contains all information about your soul´s journey, beyond space and time. These contents are your Akashic records.

Who is a reading for?

For anybody who feels the desire to receive information about his or her soul from a different perspective.



Your guides respond

All information about your soul´s journey, beyond space and time, available for you.

How is a reading carried out?

First I take a moment to focus. Then I access the information of your Akasha records and proceed to pass it on to you, as accurately as possible, without interpreting or changing the content myself. The length of a session can vary quite a bit and takes normally between 40 minutes and an hour. I suggest we take enough time for our encounter, because I think it´s worth to be able to be comfortable without feeling pressured.

The questions

Many people ask me if they have to write down some specific questions before coming to the reading. You can do so, if you wish to, but it isn´t necessary. Often new questions arise also as the session is taking place. The most important thing is that we can allow thing to flow as they come. My motto: let it be easy.

How does it feel?

People who have had a reading tend to report to have experienced feelings of relief, profound gratefulness, freedom and release

Love and Healing

To connect with your Akashic field is to enter a space of love and healing.


I offer you two options so you can choose: face-to-face sessions or Skype.
Akasha Readings Madrid

IPG (Escuela de Terapia Gestalt)
Calle Agastia 112 A
28043 Madrid, España.



The reading has been like having an encounter with the wisest and most loving part of myself. A very restorative experience. We are lucky to have people like her who can offer us these experiences.


A special experience. It helped me to clear up many things. Ana is a very intuitive and precise professional. I recommend her without a doubt.


My Akashic records experience was revealing: it made me feel unconditional love and absolute peacefulness for a moment. It helped me to affirm I´m on the right path in my life and it gave me the certainty that there is a place of belonging for me in this world. Thank you very much.


If you feel the calling to access your Akashic records or you have any questions, contact me.

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Psychologist in Madrid

To accompany you in a moment of your life is an honor to me